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Marin Soccer League

League Rules



A. The Divisions will be managed by the appointed Division Commissioner.

B. Before each new season there will be a League Meeting. At this meeting the Board

of Directors will organize the details of the new season, create a schedule, book the

fields and approve Rules changes (if appropriate).

C. The Division Commissioner may define other functions and responsibilities (e.g.

Secretary, Scorekeeper, and Field Coordinator) as the division grows, and assign

either to the existing members, or include new people to handle those functions.

1. Rules of Play

A. Current FIFA rules of play shall be in effect except as specifically stated otherwise in

these Rules, with the exception of the following:

1. Unlimited substitutions

2. A player receiving a yellow card shall be substituted for a period of 5 minutes


B. The playing seasons will begin on the dates specified by the Division Directors.

C. The league web site shall be the official repository of all scores, maps, rosters, and


2. Age (only applicable for the over 40 & 50 divisions)

A. In the Over-40 & 50 divisions all players must be at least forty (40) and fifty (50)

years of age in the year of competition (with exceptions defined below).

B. Every player must have a valid US Club Soccer ID at every game.

C. Team Managers may question the age of any opposing player at any time. If proper

ID of a questioned player is not presented to the requesting Team Manager, the player

cannot continue to play in that game. If it is determined that a Team has violated this

rule after the game, the opposing team shall be awarded a win with a score of 3:0.

D. Any player found using a false ID to make himself eligible to play in the division will

be suspended indefinitely from the playing in the league. Any Team Manager that

allows or in any way aids an ineligible player to play will be suspended indefinitely from

the league.

3. Registration

A. New teams desiring to join the league must submit an application in advance of the

next playing season in the form of a check for registration for the new season (fee

amount determined by League Directors).

B. All teams must pay their registration fee prior to the start of the new season.

C. Division Directors shall be the final authority on all matters concerning the eligibility of

teams which fail to meet the registration requirements.

4. Rosters

A. All teams shall maintain their rosters on the US Club Soccer Web Site.

B. Teams using ineligible players will forfeit all games from the beginning of the season

up to and including the game in which the player is discovered.

C. Each Team Manager will present the Referee at the beginning of the game with a

printed roster from the US Club Soccer Web Site and bring that roster to the game.

Before the start of the game, the team manager must enter shirt numbers on the roster

(if not already supplied from the Web Site) and present the US Club Soccer player

passes to the officials.

D. Only players on the official team roster will be allowed to play. The following

exception is applicable to the over 50 divisions: If a team is short, guest players may be

included to create a total of 13 players. All guest players must be registered with US

Club Soccer and on another team in the league. All guest players must conform to age

restrictions as described earlier.

E. Guest players may be taken from the opposing team (with the opposing team

manager’s consent) or any other Marin Soccer League team.

F. Maximum number of players per team shall be defined and controlled on the US Club

Soccer Web Site.

5. Uniforms and Equipment

A. Equipment shall consist of a uniform shirt with a clearly legible and unique number,

shorts, socks, shin guards and shoes meeting FIFA requirements.

B. A regulation #5 game ball must be provided by both teams.

C. Player’s numbers must match the numbers on the team Roster, and any exceptions

must be disclosed to the referee and the opposing manager prior to the start of the


D. A keeper playing on the field must wear a shirt that differs in color from the team

shirts of either team.

E. In the event of a similar color uniform, the home team (listed first in schedule) must

use alternate shirts. In such a case numbers are not required.

6. Officials

A. A referee will be assigned by the League Referee coordinator.

B. If the referee does not show up, the 2 teams can appoint a player or spectator to

referee the game. If the teams cannot agree on a substitute, then the game shall be


C. The referee shall be the official time-keeper.

7. Number of Players

A. A minimum of seven (7) players must be on the field at the start of the game to

constitute a legal game. A team which goes below the minimum as a result of ejections

will forfeit the game.

8. Preliminary to Games

A. Prior to each game, the referee will confirm that each player is on the official roster

and eligible to play. A player not on the official roster is ineligible to play. Only US Club

Soccer player cards are accepted.

B. Prior to the start of each regular season game, each manager shall pay the referee

and ARs one half (1/2) of their total fee (currently center referee fee is $60 and the

linesmen are $30 each, so each manager pays a total of $60 per game). If only 2

officials are provided, they shall each be paid $45.

9. Game Time and Place

A. Games shall be played as indicated on the league website.

B. Teams must be present on the field of play fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled

kickoff, to allow for the referee checking the roster and player ids.

C. If a team does not have all its players present at kick-off time, the game will be

started if there are at least 7 players present. If there are fewer than 7 players present at

the defined kick-off time, the game will be delayed by 10 minutes. If at that time there

are still fewer than 7 players, the game will be recorded as a forfeit loss to the team (or

teams) with fewer than 7 players. If the opposition has sufficient players they will be

awarded a forfeit win.

D. The fields are scheduled by the league. The games will take place at the times

specified in the schedule. If a game does not start on time, the referee may reduce the

playing time accordingly.

E. If bad weather causes a game to be postponed; it will be replayed at the end of the

current season or as agreed upon by the league and both teams.

10. Playing Periods

A. Normal playing periods will consist of two forty five (45) minute halves.

B. No overtime will be played in a regular season game.

C. All games shall be completed as scheduled except that in the event a game is called

because of inclement weather or other hazards (i.e. a broken crossbar), the game will:

1. Be replayed entirely if at least 45 minutes remain to be played.

2. If there remains 15 minutes or more to be played, the amount of time remaining will

be played as an addendum to the next game between the two teams involved. If this is

the last scheduled game between the two teams, the result shall stand.

3. If less than 15 minutes remains, the result of the game at termination shall stand.

11. Substitutions

A. Unlimited substitutions are allowed with the consent of the referee at the following


1. Goal Kick

2. Corner Kick

2. Goal Scored

3. Half-time

4. When the ball is stopped for injury and the injured player is substituted, the

other team can substitute

5. On throw-ins

12. Results and League Standings

A. For the purpose of determining standings

     Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win or a win by forfeit.

     One (1) point shall be awarded for a tie.

     Zero (0) points for a loss, or a loss by forfeit.

B. All results and cautions shall be communicated to the Division Directors (phone or

email) by each team no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the game.

C. If teams are tied on points at the end of the season; the following rules shall be used

to break the tie:

1. Head to Head points comparison

D. If the league has multiple divisions, the last place team in each division will be

relegated and the first place team will be promoted (where possible).

E. A team that forfeits three (3) or more games in a season is subject to be dropped

from the league at the discretion of the Division Directors.

12. Cautions, Ejections, and Conduct

A. All members of the team are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting

the league and the adults who play in it. It is the manager/coach responsibility to control

his players and spectators.

B. No alcoholic beverages are permitted before or during any league game. If the field

is in a non-alcohol area, this must be respected even after a game.

C. A player ejected from a game cannot, at minimum, play in the next game for that

team or for a team in another Division.

D. Ejected players are to leave the field and the vicinity of the playing area - this is

defined by the referee. If an ejected player refuses to vacate the field and its vicinity or

causes dissent, the referee shall stop the game and that player’s team shall forfeit the

game. The player in question will be subject to disciplinary action by the League.

E. Anytime a player accumulates three yellow cards in three games in one season, he

will be suspended from participating in the next played game. This suspension shall

count as one ejection (red card).

F. If a player plays in a game in which he is ineligible by reason of suspension, the team

shall forfeit the game.

G. For the purpose of suspensions, a forfeit will not count as a game played.

H. Any player verbally or physically abusing or attempting to physically abuse the

referee and/or his property will be dealt with severely, up to and including ejection from

the league. The Board will address these events and determine appropriate action on a

case-by- case basis.

I. Any player verbally or physically abusing or attempting to physically abuse another

player or spectator and/or his property will be dealt with severely, up to and including

ejection from the league. The Board will address these events on a case-by- case basis

and determine appropriate action.

1. Punishment: Flagrant foul with intent to injure opposing player, as reported

by the referee – 3 games

2. Abusing any of the officiating crew verbally – 3 games

3. Striking or attempting to strike opposing player – 8 games

These guidelines are merely an indication of the punishment to be handed down and

the league reserves the right to administer additional punishment depending on the

nature of the event.

13. Game Cancellations

A. Teams are able to request cancellation of their game once per season, as long as it

is done no later than the Wednesday before their scheduled game on either Saturday or

Sunday. If the game is cancelled after Wednesday, the opposing team will be awarded

a forfeit.

B. Any team that forfeits two (2) games per season will be automatically suspended

from the league.