Marin Soccer League

Recent Open Division Results
Date Home Score Away
June 17   Club Marin Athletic6 - 2  West Tam United
June 16   East Tottentam6 - 12  Marin Cosmos
June 10   East Tottentam2 - 3  Club Marin Athletic
June 3   Club Marin Athletic7 - 0  Sporting MV
June 2   West Tam United8 - 4  East Tottentam

Recent Over 40 Division Results
Date Home Score Away
June 16   Atletico FC2 - 2  Club Marin Rangers
June 16   North Tam United3 - 0  Real Marin FC
June 9   Real Marin Spurs0 - 3  Club Marin Rangers
June 9   North Tam United1 - 1  Bay United
June 9   The County FC0 - 3  Atletico FC

Recent Over 50 Division Results
Date Home Score Away
June 10   Club Marin Inter0 - 4  Real Marin Blues
June 10   RM Spurs3 - 0  Marin United
June 10   Alliance FC1 - 1  RAP
June 10   Internationals2 - 3  RM Mavericks
June 10   Boca FC3 - 1  Novato FC
 Results of the Marin Soccer League Mayflower over 50 Tournament
  In a 3 week tournament of the over 50 division, the Blues came away with the Championship in a win over Club Marin Inter by a score of 4:0. Congratulations to the Blues in winning this competition!

The new over 50 season is set to start on June 3rd with the addition of the Novato team to the competition.

 Hall, Redwood, and Drake field permits for Winter 2017 and 2018
Hall Field Permit

Redwood and Drake High Field Permit

 Board of Directors
  Karl Buder, President/Treasurer
Clint MacDonald, Secretary
Frank Bonardi, Vice President
Allen Kohlhepp, Director
Andrew Thompson, Director
Michael Peters, Director
Ben Polk, Webmaster

 Teams are looking for soccer players
Teams in the Marin Soccer League are looking for players for the current season.

The league has three divisions: an open division for players 18 or older, an age 40 and over division, and an age 50 and over division. Teams in all three have room for more players. Please note that the Open Division will not have a fall/winter season and it is anticipated that a new season will be started in March or April of 2018. Due to great demand, an over 60 Division is being started and the first scrimmage will be May 13rd at Hall School, in Larkspur, at 9 am. It is the league's intention and hope that this group will eventually lead to 4-6 teams in the near future and more teams at a later date.

This is a long established, competitive, recreational league with players from all over the world. Some soccer experience is expected.

If you are interested please send email to marinsoccerleague (at) gmail (dot) com, with your age, soccer background, and whatever other information you'd like to pass on to team managers and your note will be forwarded to teams that are interested in new players.

 McInnis Park Rain Line
  Rain Line - (415) 446-4423 - In the event of rain (no not kidding) the night before or the morning of a scheduled game, please call the Rain Line at McInnis Park. The recording will tell you whether or not the fields are open. They usually make a new recording by 8am.

 Guide for Managers Using New US Club Web Site
  Here is a link that contains instructions for team managers on how to perform some common functions on the new US Club website, for example, adding a player to a roster and requesting player cards. Managers should receive user logins from Frank to access this site.

Manager's Guide

League Rules

League Rules
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